Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 30 Day of Action

WISDOM, a Wisconsin interfaith alliance working on issues of justice and equity, is sponsoring a Day of Action - workshops, information, lobbying - on March 30. One of their issues is TRANSIT and equitable transportation funding. If you'd like to attend the lobby day, contact the nearest WISDOM chapter, JONAH, in the Chippewa Valley.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Let's get organized!

Welcome! La Crosse Area Transit Advocates is committed to making public transportation in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area better, more connected, more efficient, more popular, and more efficient.

Organized under the Wisconsin Transit Riders Alliance, Inc., our group hopes to spread the good word about public transportation in La Crosse, in our region, in our state, and in our country.

More people ditching their private car for public transportation means:
  • less need, space, and cost for more private car infrastructure
  • more efficient use of resources
  • healthier populations
  • less air pollution
  • less reliance on fossil fuels
  • lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • better safety
  • more space for other methods of  transportation like biking and walking facilities 
More people using public transportation instead of private single occupant vehicles for commuting saves money, too!

But in our car-centric culture, public transit is often left out of plans. As we recently heard from Dr. Robert Schneider, of UW-Milwaukee's Urban Planning Department in his talk about making bicycling and walking routine, people must know about something; they must be able to access and afford it; they must find it easy, efficient, and convenient; and they must try it successfully several times before it becomes a routine.

LATA can help by educating, leading and modeling. LATA can also help by advocating with local elected officials and planners for more and better routes and schedules and with local businesses and employers for incentives to employees and customers for using transit. And we can contact our state and national representatives to work for more and better public transit funding.

Join us as we organize, prioritize, connect, and work to bring better public transportation to our community. Please email for more information.