Transit Equity Days!




For the past four years on February 4, a network of transit rider unions, community organizations, environmental groups and labor unions have organized Transit Equity Day–a national day of action to commemorate the birthday of Rosa Parks by declaring that public transit is a civil right. Rosa is an iconic figure of the civil rights era who chose the tactic of refusing to give up her seat on the bus to demand an end to segregation in the Montgomery, Alabama, transit system. We make the connection to this act of resistance to highlight the rights of all people to high-quality public transportation run on clean/renewable energy.

This day of action also supports a just transition from the fossil fuel economy to clean, renewable energy as a way to confront the climate crisis. A just transition also requires that we uphold worker and civil rights. 

This means that everyone should have access to free/affordable public transportation regardless of age, race, or class. It means workers should have the right to organize in the sectors that will build, operate and maintain public transportation infrastructure, as well as provide the services.

We also affirm the principle of public over private investment–the need for public resources and infrastructure (public transportation, public regulation of our energy systems, a stronger public sector overall, etc.), to lead and administer the transition to fossil fuel free public transportation.

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