Wednesday, September 14, 2022

WORLD CAR-FREE DAY! And other news

September 22 is WORLD CAR FREE DAY - a day to think about how we are getting around and what the consequences of our choices are. As we know, cars are responsible for major greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Cars are expensive to own and operate. Not everyone can own or drive a car. Cars require lots of public space and subsidies, from car parking to multi-lane super highways. 

On September 22, let's commit to finding other ways to travel. Walking or biking for trips that are shorter than three miles is healthier and cheaper than driving. More than half of daily trips in the U.S. are under three miles. For trips that can't be made on foot or by bike, taking the bus is best. 

On World Car Free Day, September 22, the La Crosse MTU will offer free fares all day! What a great opportunity to try something different and start changing our transportation habits. 

For those who haven't ridden a bus before, La Crosse Area Transit Advocates offers Rides with a Guide. Contact us at and we will connect you with an experienced bus rider who can help you read the timetable and route map, find the best route for your need, learn about how to pay your fare (new methods are coming!), signal for your stop, and more!

Celebrate World Car Free Day by walking, biking, and taking the bus on Thursday, September 22. And then, mate every day car-free day!

Benefits of Active Transportation

Almost one in four adults in the United States report that they do not engage in any physical activity outside of their jobs. Sedentary lifestyles are an important reason that two of every three adults in the United States are overweight or obese.

Investing in public transportation and bicycle and pedestrian facilities creates opportunities for people to exercise. This helps reduce obesity and the risks for developing costly chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Active transportation facilities are particularly important in low-income and minority communities, or communities with high percentages of new immigrants. People in those communities are less likely to own vehicles, and unsafe streets might pose a barrier to using active transportation.

Other News!

The La Crosse MTU will trial a route update to better serve residents of Eagle Crest South. For a limited time, the Circulator 2 will connect with 7th Street near South Ave. and travel on 7th to the Ice Area, turning east onto Benora Lee Court. There will be a temporary stop near Eagle Crest South. The bus will then travel north on Sims to rejoin is normal route. Please confirm route with driver!

The MTU's GenFare app rollout has been pushed back to Monday, October 3. Once the app is live, you may purchase fares and passes, including day, week, month, and year passes, on your smart phone. 

The MTU will be assessing its bus shelters for refurbishment over the next several months. In addition, they hope to add shelters at some stops. If you have suggestions, please use their online feedback form.