Friday, January 24, 2020

Parking Study Open House - Jan. 29

The city is doing another parking study focussing on certain areas that have lots of cars parked on streets by Mayo, Gundersen, UWL, etc. There will be an open house on Wednesday, January 29 in the 3rd floor conference room of City Hall to hear from citizens about parking issues. One session is 9 to 10:30 a'm. and one is 4 to 6 p.m. 

Those of us who ride buses, whether it's our primary mode of transportation or whether we are 'choice' riders who also drive cars, should be in on this discussion. The cost of city parking infrastructure, maintenance, and enforcement is shared by all city residents whether or not they have or drive cars. The money that supports this parking system is money that might be better and more fairly spent improving our public transportation that is available and useable by all. The fines that are being used to control who parks where should be used, if there are to be fines, in improving the public transportation in these areas so fewer people will feel or have the need to drive and park there.

Many cities are reducing parking requirements and prohibiting parking in city centers. For a wonderful example of a brilliant many-dimensional solution to a many-dimensional situation, including parking, see At the meeting point of increasing car traffic, increasing carbon emissions, increased dangerous air quality, and increased traffic deaths, comes the realization that the cost of continuing to worship cars is becoming too expensive. Our city recently committed to reducing carbon emissions in our community. Will a new parking plan take that important goal into account?

Attend the open house and give your opinion please!

We have not met in forever! I hope this year we can have at least three big meetings per year and a monthly meeting of a steering committee. We are working to schedule a big meeting in February which will include a time to talk with MTU head, Adam Lorentz, and a real membership drive. As an institutional member of the Wisconsin Transit Riders' Alliance, LATA owes dues every year. This year, we will hope members can share in paying those dues and our meeting expenses.

Watch this space for our meeting date and email me if you would like to be part of a regular steering committee (subject to board approval).