Saturday, September 30, 2023


  Join us October 2-8, 2023 to take on the challenge.

Take the challenge! Experience a week 
without driving and consider what life is like for the up to 40% of fellow La Crosse adults who are non-drivers. 

Sign up for the challenge:


Print out or grab a #WWD bingo card and turn it in by October 16 for a prize. Bingo cards can be picked up and dropped off at any of the following locations: City Hall lobby at the Parks and Recreation desk, Grand River Station, any La Crosse Library Branch, and Smith Bikes.

Try out a Drift Cycle bike share for one hour free with code WWD2023.

Try out the MTU for free on Wednesday, October 4.

Try out the SMRT Bus for free on Thursday, October 5 (join La Crosse Area Transit Advocates on that day for a Ride SMRT 2 Viroqua)

🚢🏼‍♀️ 🚍 🚢🏿 🚲 🚢🏿‍♀️ πŸ›ΉπŸšΆπŸ½‍♂️

From  People without a car or unable to drive should be able to get to where they need to go safely and effectively. But every day, Americans who can’t drive – approximately 25 percent of the population – face significant barriers to mobility such as inadequate sidewalks, poor transit, lack of connectivity and dangerous roads. The needs of non-drivers are too-often disregarded in transportation infrastructure and policies. Our goal should be a transportation system designed to support all individuals, regardless of ability, age, or income, that will strengthen our communities and enhance our quality of life.

In 2020, Disability Mobility Initiative began documenting the experiences of non-drivers in the State of Washington. In 2021 and 2022, they challenged elected officials and other decision-makers to a Week Without Driving – with profound effects on those who participated. For 2023, Disability Mobility Initiative is partnering with America Walks to take Week Without Driving national.

America Walks urges elected officials, public officials, transportation professionals, organizations, advocates, and individuals to participate in the National Week Without Driving. We want those who have the option to drive regularly to understand the barriers and challenges that non-drivers face when trying to move safely in their communities, and work with non-drivers to create better communities for all.

Sunday, September 10, 2023


 Our 2023 trip is set! Join us!


Catch the SMRT Yellow Route #2 as it winds through La Crosse mid-morning and arrive in Viroqua at a little after 11 a.m. Spend an hour or an afternoon. Remember, the Viroqua Shared Ride Taxi can help you get around in Viroqua and Westby. Return trip is on your own. Check the BLUE and YELLOW schedules for options.

This year's ride is part of La Crosse #Week Without Driving and fares will be FREE!
Ride the Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit (SMRT) bus from La Crosse to Viroqua for a day of advocacy, sight-seeing, shopping, dining, and exploring. We’ll leave mid-morning from La Crosse. We have invited local elected officials to join us, so we can talk about the importance of regional public transit. Check our web page for updates.

We’ll arrive in Viroqua at about 11 a.m. and you will choose what to do, where to go, and how long to stay There are four return trip options which have you back in La Crosse between 1:30 and 6:00 p.m.

This event is part of National Week Without Driving and the bus fare is FREE! Bring your own lunch or eat at a restaurant. Other expenses will depend on what you choose to do, including:

Driftless Books & Music  *  The Vernon County Museum
Paper, Scissors, Stone  *  Ewetopia  *  Viroqua Public Market
Viroqua Food Co-op  *  Thoreau’s Garden and more!

Or, consider taking a Walking Tour, suggested by the Vernon County Historical Society! 
Catch the SMRT Yellow Route #2 to Viroqua:
9:48 UWL by Cartwright Ctr
10:03 Mayo Clinic Shelter
9:54 WTC (7th St Aca Rec Ctr)
10:08 Gundersen East Bldg
9:58 Fifth & King
10:16 Shopko South

Return trip, YOUR CHOICE:
Return at 12:17 (back in La Crosse 1:17-1:47) OR 2:30 (3:28-3:55) OR 3:24 (4:22-4:42) OR 4:39 (5:40-6:07) (Retrun trip begins at the Vernon Memorial Hospital.)

Please sign up by October 1 at because SPACE IS LIMITED!

Questions? Email
OR call 608-315-2693 and leave a message for a call back

Sunday, September 3, 2023

The 3D Project

Thanks to those who came out to support public transit in La Crosse, share transit stories and ideas, and get a sneak peak at the Fryseth Family 3D project! It was nice to meet up in person for a change. There was even a news report about the event! Thanks, Channel 19! 

Here's more about the 3D tactile map project from Lillian and Quentin Fryseth:
How would you navigate our MTU system if you had a disability? Sure, the app is ok, but it doesn’t address the transit center/transfer point, or it can be confusing for those who may not want to use the app. 

This is a question that my brother and I witnessed first hand. My mother is blind and has difficulty at times remembering where a bus is located or schedule. We saw a need for accessibility change!

We are creating a tactile map of the outdoor portion of the transit center as well as the Clinton/Caledonia Street transfer point. This would be color contrast 3D tactile areas with large raised print with braille on buses and street tags. 

We also are updating and simplifying time table routes and putting a QR code opposite the number on each of the buses to make it easier to use. The QR code will also give a clock face directional cue, using the information kiosk as the focus point, to improve accessibility. 

On the Clinton and Caledonia Street Transfer Point, it will give the direction of travel and where each bus is located. Both maps will also include a MTU phone number in large print and in braille. 

This will hopefully assist people to travel independently and ride confidently who may have cognitive impairments, be elderly, blind or have low vision.

We have been working in partnership with the La Crosse Library, and have had our parents support the cost to 3D print, as well as the MTU with route information and many questions. We are hoping to complete this project with the conclusion of our summer break before school starts.

Our hope is that the community as a whole will be able to utilize our MTU transit map with ease. It also will be a more cost effective option then other methods to travel within our great city.