Tuesday, April 27, 2021

WHAT IF? - Neighborhood EcoPass

Boulder, Colorado is leading the way in being a green, sustainable, renewable city. Transportation solutions include great public transportation and great access to affordable, convenient, why-use-anything-else? public transportation. 

Have you seen a great public transportation idea in another city? Share it and we'll post it. We can improve if we don't have knowledge or what improvements are possible. We'll try to share weekly WHAT IF? posts to expand our universe of what could be. Please share your idea!

From their website

What is the Neighborhood EcoPass Program?

The Neighborhood EcoPass Program increases access to transit, lowers single occupant vehicle use, saves money and enhances community relations. It is an annual transit pass purchased by residents or a neighborhood organization for all members of participating households. This photo I.D. smart card pass entitles holders to one year of unlimited travel on all RTD local, regional, airport bus and light/commuter rail routes. 

Why sign up for the Neighborhood EcoPass Program?

Nearly 50 neighborhoods in the City of Boulder participate in the Neighborhood EcoPass Program. These 50 neighborhoods accounted for over 7,000 households in 2019. Thousands more households in the City of Boulder are eligible to participate in the NECO Pass Program.

Reduced Costs

The annual transit pass cost under the Neighborhood EcoPass Program ranges based upon each neighborhood's amount of transit usage. The City of Boulder provide a 50% subsidy for first time participating neighborhoods and an ongoing 33%-39% subsidy for renewing neighborhoods. In comparison, the current cost for a years worth of RTD monthly passes is $1,368 for local trips and $2,400 for regional trips.

Great Transit Options

The transit pass is good on all RTD routes and services, including:

  • All local bus routes
  • All regional routes
  • All light rail lines
  • A Line to Denver International Airport (DIA)
  • Skyride to Denver International Airport (DIA)
  • The "N" route to Eldora Mountain Resort

Healthier Community

Neighborhoods that participate in the Neighborhood EcoPass Program have reported a dramatic increase in transit use. Residents with a pass in hand drive less, which results in less congestion and pollution in our community.

Read more about this great idea at the Boulder, Colorado Neighborhood EcoPass web page.