Sunday, May 21, 2023

Our trip on the #10

On Saturday morning, May 20, the weather was great and we were the only folks on the bus (though two people had gotten off before we got on). Our interstate trip to La Crescent on Saturday was a fun and educational experience.

The bus, a partnership between the City of La Crescent and the La Crosse MTU, offers hourly day service between the two cities Mondays through Saturdays. If you live in La Crescent and work on a bus route in La Crosse, you should be able to use this bus for your commute.

After leaving the transit center, the #10 heads straight for the bridge, crossing the pike, past Pettibone Park and the off-road access to the Wagon Wheel bike trail.

We were impressed by the coverage this one route offers, winding through the neighborhoods, through the downtown, past schools and parks, back through downtown, and along the industrial waterfront area before returning directly to the transit center.

We could have gotten off the first time the bus passed through downtown, but we rode the whole loop so had just about one hour to accomplish our second mission, lunch at Kaddy's Kafe, just half a block from the bus stop. 

This restaurant was perfect for us; the 10:42 bus arrived at our stop at 11:12, just as Kaddy's was adding its lunch menu to the extensive breakfast offerings. We finished comfortably, with just a few minutes wait for the 12:12 bus (which was actually about five minutes late).

We did participate in the stop announcement audit, too, with only two stops announced (that we could (barely) hear) during either of the rides.

We decided to make this an annual, if not more often, event and hope you can join us next time we go!

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