Thursday, November 16, 2023

Detour updates!

We just heard that the Route 1 bus will be back on its normal track soon! With the
reconstruction of South Avenue, several stops have changed. Here's a brief update:

The South Ave detour ends on Monday, November 20, 2023, and the buses will go back to the normal route. 

Some bus stops have been relocated due to the road changes. 

Route 1 South Ave - Outbound 

  • The bus stops have been removed from West Avenue and South Avenue and from South Ave and Bennett. 
  • A new stop has been placed on South Ave by Kwik Spirits. 
  • The bus stop and shelter remains by Aptiv but there is no longer a bus pull off lane

Route 1 Downtown - Inbound 

  • The bus shelter by the Hmong Cultural Center on Ward Avenue has been moved closer to driveway. 
  • The bus stop has been removed from 16th Street and South Ave and placed on South Avenue by the crosswalk close to America's Best Cleaning 
  • The bus stop on the corner of South Avenue and West Avenue has been moved back on South Avenue close to the parking lot of Inland Printing. 

No other bus stops have been affected.

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