Monday, January 3, 2022

Include transit in N-S transportation planning

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The good news at the end of 2021 was that the Wisconsin DOT has decided to stop planning for another roadway to help individuals in private vehicles get from north of La Crosse into the city faster. We never needed it. We don't need it now. The dire congestion predictions never came to pass. And now we have new priorities like getting people out of their single occupant, fossil-fueled cars and reducing private-vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

Unfortunately, so far, reporting and quotes about this pivot leave out any mention of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. That must change. The project web page is, so far, just a map and brief description of the update plans. Now 8s the time to start talking about transit.

Let's make sure public transportation is one of the top solutions considered, planned, and budgeted as new planning goes forward.

For starters, please email or call Rep. Jill Billings, Sen. Brad Pfaff, Mayor Mitch Reynolds, and WisDOT project manager Josh Koebernick ((608) 246-3859 and Michael Bie, WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager(608) 246-7928 Let them know public transit is an important part of this planning.

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