Monday, January 10, 2022

Transit Equity Days update - resolutions and proclamations


We are fortunate to have many great advocates for public transportation among our city and county elected officials and government professionals. Thanks to them, we have one of the best bus systems in the state, a regional transportation system (SMRT) even without a regional taxing authority, and an MTU that is a leader in transitioning to renewable energy.

Thanks to some of these great allies, the City of La Crosse will pass a resolution supporting Transit Equity Day at its January meeting next week. The resolution, co-sponsored by Council members Mackenzie Mindel and Justice Weaver, highlights the importance of public transportation and transit equity in our community. It passed unanimously in the Judiciary and Administrative Committee on January 5. A Mayoral resolution is also in the works. 

At the county level, thanks to County Board members Maureen Freedland and Randy Erickson, a proclamation supporting February 4 as Transit Equity Day is on the agenda for tonight's meeting

If you have time, please email the county board to thank them for supporting public transit through passage of this proclamation. Assuming the city's resolution passes next week (!) please contact our  La Crosse city council representatives and mayor, too, to thank them for their support.

We are still planning for the following events and actions. If you would like to help, please email us at

Display at La Crosse Public Library from January 31 through February 4. Thanks to the MTU circulator, you can ride the bus from the library to the Grand River Transit Center where a Municipal Transit Utility display will be hosted!

Collecting Riders' Stories   Our online form is ready to collect your stories! You may submit info anonymously or add your contact info if you wish. We will soon have paper forms available at the library, Transit Center, and other places around town.

Ride with your Rep   We are sending invitations for elected officials in our area asking them to pick and ride one bus circuit. We will post a schedule so you might be able to ride with your rep and talk transit. Remember, all riders on public transportation must wear a mask! 

Thank you drivers!   We'll have Thank You Driver signs you can download (or make your own!) and wear or show when you board the bus or at your local bus stop. Our wondersul essential worker drivers are that backbone of our public transportation system.

Letters to the Editor   Let others know why you love and support public transportation, how important it is to you, and why we celebrate Transit Equity Day. If you've never written a letter to the editor before and want some tips or proofreading help, please email us at

Stay tuned for more updates, and please share the event page with your contacts!

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